Rio takes a new fresh approach to the unsung hero  classics of all time, from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. If it’s an underrated classic tune, Rio has it on the list.

Rio Home Page

RIO, a band of musicians recently gathered in the Sunny Okanagan Valley. Rio exists to bring high quality live music back to the best venues. Taking select songs from your past and delivering a unique sound and intriguing show.


Some bands just stand out in a crowd. Rio is no exception. With an impressive repertoire of classic hits through the years bringing back memories at every turn. Hear the great soundtrack of your life played to perfection. See the show and enjoy the energy. Rio will stand out in your mind when you need your next entertainment Fixx

One Thing Leads to Another . . . . .


Our Music

Our Music is timeless, made up of classics the world still needs to hear. Dipping into the pool of music Rio loves to hear and play the songs that were close to your heart and meant something different to each one of us. Our audiences crave to hear the songs with meaning, melody & substance …


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